How much / how often do you pay your drivers?

The pay is based upon the type of CDL you have, the type of assignment (local vs. long-haul) and the labor intensity of the assignment.  Local assignments are typically paid on an hourly basis.  Regional/Long-haul assignments are typically paid mileage plus stop / accessorial pay.  Our drivers are paid weekly by direct deposit.

Do you have local jobs available?

At least 90% of our assignments are local/home daily jobs. Our goal is to discuss your interests and preferences, then do our best to find the best match. Our opportunities range from: local to long haul; full-time to part-time; every shift of the day; every day of the week; and no-touch freight to hand unload.

What kind of drivers do you hire?

Driving Ambition is a premier CDL driver staffing company.  We specialize in hiring Class A & Class B CDL drivers for full-time, part-time, temporary, and temp-to-hire positions with local, regional and OTR transportation companies.  We are very selective about the drivers we hire.  Each driver must meet our stringent hiring criteria and pass our four-part screening process, exceeding DOT-mandated requirements for CDL drivers.  We hire only safe, experienced, DOT-qualified drivers who are committed to providing exceptional customer service.

How much work do you have for Class A/B drivers?

About 80-90% of our current assignments require a Class A CDL.  The remaining 10-20% available for Class B drivers require, if not strongly recommend, a hazmat endorsement and/or flatbed experience.

Are you sure you can work me every day?

Although we cannot guarantee that you will work every day, our level of business continues to increase in volume and the demand for drivers is greater than the drivers we have on staff.  With that being said, if you want to work every day and you don’t place restrictions on your availability or what you will/will not do, the likelihood you will work every day is fairly high.

If you are still hesitant to leave a full-time job to work for us, we offer a 40-Hour Guarantee Program to qualified drivers.  If you would like more details regarding this program, please contact your local recruiter.

Do you provide benefits to your drivers and if so, what are they?

We offer a very competitive benefit package to our drivers, such as paid vacation, paid holidays, health insurance and 401K.

Do I have to go to a different customer every day?

That varies on need.  As a staffing company we are driven by the needs of our customers.  A driver’s schedule could vary day-to-day, week-to-week, etc.  You have the opportunity to impress a company and ensure they continue to request you as their driver.  Keep in mind; we will be the only company that reports to and shows on DAC.  Your employment history will stay clean even if you work for different companies during your employment with us.

Will I be able to go to work directly for one of your customers?

Yes, sometimes an opportunity will present itself and you may be offered a permanent position with one of our customers.  Some of our customers express an interest in “Temp-to-Hire” from the start.  Most other times, our drivers create these opportunities with good attitudes, hard work and flexibility.  The company is impressed with the driver and wants to hire them directly.

Who are some of your customers?

We currently service over 700 companies in the transportation industry and we’re adding new customers every week.  Our customers range from local, regional and OTR private fleets to for-hire carriers.

How soon can I start working?

It is not uncommon to be working in less than 48 hours.  Once our verification process is complete, a negative DOT drug screen result has been received, and you have completed the required orientation videos, you will be contracted by a Driving Ambition Dispatch/Customer Service Manager.  You will be offered assignments as they become available based on your qualifications and preferences.

What if I am not interested in a certain assignment when it is offered, is it all right to turn it down?

YES.  Not every job is going to be a perfect fit.  If you are not interested in an assignment, you are free to decline it.  We will continue to offer you assignments as they become available based on your qualifications and preferences.  Keep in mind, the more flexible you can be, the more options/assignments that will be open to you.

What if I am on an assignment and decide it is not for me?

We realize that not every job is a good fit for you; sometimes you do not know that until you have tried the assignment.  If you are on an assignment and find it is not going to work, we ask that you contact us immediately.  You may be asked to stay on an assignment long enough to finish out the day or until we find a replacement.  We will attempt to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.  As with any situation, communication is the key.  We expect open communication form our employees and they can expect the same from the Driving Ambition Dispatch/Customer Service Team.

How can I stay informed about open positions?

Driving Ambition’s Dispatch/Customer Service Team stays in constant contact with drivers to inform them of any new positions that are available.  You can also keep abreast of new opportunities by receiving/reviewing our free newsletter.

What is involved in the hiring process?

You will need to complete our Online DOT Application to begin the hiring process.

One of our HR staff members will conduct a comprehensive personal interview to discuss your specific job and shift preferences, your strengths and weaknesses, and to evaluate your ability to meet our strict qualifications.

Driving Ambition will review your current MVR and verify employment background and criminal history.  A pre-employment DOT drug screen and qualifying DOT physical will also be required.  Once our verification process is complete, a negative DOT drug screen result and passed DOT physical have been received, and you have completed the required orientation videos, you will be contacted by a Driving Ambition Dispatch/Customer Service Manager.

How much does this cost? How are you making any money if you're not charging me?

There is no fee to you.  Our customers absorb the costs associated with our hiring process in return for the convenience of a hassle & risk free hire.

What makes Driving Ambition better than any other staffing company in the area?

We stand out because of the quality of our drivers and the respect that we show them.  You make your choices of where you work and when you work… “We put YOU in the DRIVER seat!”  We have an impressive reputation in the transportation industry as most of our staff are active in industry associations.