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Top 10 Trucking Issues Autonomous Vehicles Plan to Tackle

Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is accelerating at a rapid rate. A fully autonomous truck (AT) will have the ability to identify, interact with, and safely react to all aspects of the driving environment without a driver—including weather conditions, road types, and unexpected events such as work zones and traffic accidents. The Society of Automotive Engineers […]

Is the Autonomous Truck the Answer?

Driver shortage is at an all-time high across the industry. According to Fleet Owner's Sean Kilcarr, this shortage is now "affecting all segments of the trucking industry, from drayage to regional and long-haul operations, and shows no signs of abating near term." But is the new Autonomous Truck the answer? Heavy Duty Trucking Editor Jim Park checked out the new vehicle during a roll-our event in Las Vegas recently. And the short answer is a resounding