Friday’s Six Post-Fun

Okay Kendal, this is the last trial run. I think if it works, I would say  I’m 90% sure that it will work correctly. The other 10% of uncertainty is coming from the lack of testing for 900 people. Never the less, we can make a decision next week as to whether we want to apply […]

Friday’s Fifth Topic – Might Work

This post is will happen under two minutes. I wonder if there is a word count that has to be met before HubSpot will update the custom fields. Test number five. The last two test have worked correctly.

Driving Ambition Honors 2016 Employee of the Year

Every year, Driving Ambition highlights an employee who exemplifies service and leadership. The award is a token of the company’s appreciation for the employee’s dedication and commitment to excellence. Recently, Driving Ambition honored Mr. Clint Hanner, the CDL Driver Recruiter for the Louisville, Ky. branch, as “2016 Employee of the Year.” Clint’s career with Driving Ambition […]

Why Celebrate For Just A Week When You Can Celebrate All Year?

To kick off the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Driving Ambition held a company picnic at Conner Prairie Interactive History Park in Fishers, Indiana. The event brought together staff, drivers and their families to celebrate the people that keep Driving Ambition moving forward - our drivers. But at Driving Ambition, we believe that a week of celebration and appreciation just isn't enough. At the event, Jeremy Reymer President & CEO, announced Driving Ambition's "Year of the

Building Stronger Families Through Fun Activities

August is National Family Fun month.  This is a good time to reflect on your family and build stronger relationships – all while having fun! You can choose many activities to do as a family, and through those activities, you can help build a stronger family. Through activities you can: Build Trust- Strong families build […]

Driving Ambition’s Biggest Fans

August 11th was National Son’s and Daughter’s Day, but at Driving Ambition we feel like every day is Son’s and Daughter’s Day! Our kids (grandkids, nephews, and nieces, furbabies) are the biggest joys of our lives. Check out some pictures, shared by the Driving Ambition team, of our #1 fans. There may be only one […]

What Does Your Dad Do?

When you’re a kid, a question that gets asked a lot by grown-ups and other kids is, “What does your dad do?” My whole life my proud answer to that question has been “My dad is a truck driver!” Honestly, I think most of the time when I told people my dad drove a truck […]

Finding “The One”: How The Right Career Led To Love

Valentine’s Day is upon us.  That being said – happy love stories are on the brain.  Here’s one that I’m sure will hit home. I had the privilege early in my recruiting career to meet a CDL driver named Cindy. Cindy came to Driving Ambition with only a year of experience, and she was unsure […]