Friday’s Six Post-Fun

Okay Kendal, this is the last trial run. I think if it works, I would say  I’m 90% sure that it will work correctly. The other 10% of uncertainty is coming from the lack of testing for 900 people. Never the less, we can make a decision next week as to whether we want to apply […]

Friday’s Fifth Topic – Might Work

This post is will happen under two minutes. I wonder if there is a word count that has to be met before HubSpot will update the custom fields. Test number five. The last two test have worked correctly.

Friday Fourth Topic -Time

Okay, I believe we need to wait at least two minutes before posting a new blog and not do them back to back. It seems that some time has to lapse in between post in order for the Hubspot API to properly update each field. However, what I don’t know is how this will work […]

Friday Third Topic

Lets say hi to our third topic. I believe the problem is caused by HubSpot's cookies system. After you post, huspot creates a cookie, therefore when you try to post another blog, Hubspot goes hmm... I still have information for the same fields stored so I'm not going to complete this new transaction because, in theory, the old transaction and this new transaction is the same thing.

Friday’s Second Topic

This is the second Blog that I’ve posted on Friday. I want to see if consecutive blogs will work from an automation standpoint. As of now it seems that the custom property fields can only be updated after some time has passed. Testing my hypothesis.    

Fridays Topics

This is Friday’s content and I want to see if this will update the custom property that I sent inside of HubSpot. let’s try and get this fixed.

Meet Kendal

Restart Background The 34-hour restart regulations, which took effect July 1, 2013, allow commercial motor vehicle drivers to reset their 60-hour or 70-hour clocks. In some cases, this allows drivers to get back on the road to perform their driving duties sooner—the use of a valid 34-hour restart resets the weekly cycle hours back to […]